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More than 30,000 tested cars in 2022!

Is a indicator light appearing on your dash, or are you buying a used vehicle? Or is it time to take your vehicle through the annual emissions test? Welcome to diagnosing at your user friendly testing kiosk.

  1. Drive up to the AutoDr kiosk
  2. Connect the diagnostic cable to your vehicle
  3. Receive a detailed test report!

It’s that simple. Kiosks are open year round 24/7. The AutoDr test is state-of-the-art workshop level equipment, easy and an economical way to help you get results fast.

For our partners, we provide the full functional self-service kiosk, as a well as an app based smart solution. Please contact us!

Diagnostics LEVELS

EOBD - emission test

  • Going to MOT? There is no reason to fail the emission test.
  • Emission measurement according to the European inspection standard
  • Read faultcodes from powerline, i.e., from engine and automatic transmission.
  • Read the results from readiness tests
  • Reset of fault codes and readiness tests

Full-system scan

  • Buying a new "used" car? Check it out!
  • AutoDr supports almost all brands and models.
  • System scan reads faultcodes from the following supported systems:
    Engine, Gearbox, Brakes, Restraints, Air conditioning, Driver's assist systems, Tyre pressure monitors, Equipments, Instrumentation, Immobiliser and also EV systems of electric- and hybrid cars
  • Reset of faultcodes

Autodr -diagnoSTICS support

Check the coverage to your car.


Do you want the AutoDr service for your customers too? The fault light comes on without looking at the clock and without asking for permission. Then it would be good to have help nearby. The AutoDr service is perfect for places where motorists already are:

Car accessories and spare parts stores
gas stations and car washes
shopping centers and parking lots

DEVICE options


  • Standalone All-in-One self-service kiosk for car diagnostics with touchscreen and payment terminal
  • A low-threshold service for the consumers
  • Visibility of the partner in the user interface and layout


  • A cost-effective alternative
  • Quick and affordable implementation
  • The multipurpose Ticatoo -application serves as the user interface and payment platform. More information: www.ticatoo.com.
  • The same hugely extensive diagnostic support
  • Different cabinet options 
  • Visibility of the partner in the app and layout
  • Ask for a car dealership solution for making sales and purchases more efficient, and for risk management

autodr oy LTD

 AutoDr was founded in 2012 to bring freedom to customers. You get a reliable vehicle diagnostic service with the experience of hundreds of thousands of tests.

We are a skilled group of professionals who provide a car testing service for your customers as well. Contact us and let's create a great customer experience together.


Samuli väyrynen - EU


Administration and solution sales. 
Email: samuli.vayrynen@autodr.fi   Tel: +358(0)505711611

Samuel Rovala - North-america

Sales director

Sales in USA and Canada
Email: samuel.rovala@autodr.fi   Tel: +1 (602) 349-8283

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